Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in sparsely populated Northern communities

W-Power works with women entrepreneurs in sparsely populated areas across Northern and Arctic communities, encouraging them to set-up, develop and grow their businesses. The project will achieve this through capasity building and providing opportunities for transnational learning as well as creating and piloting a gender-aware business support concept.



Project Manager Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen
Karelia University of Applied Sciences Ltd

Tel: +358 50 430 2418

Miksi naisia on Suomessakin yrittäjistä vain kolmannes, eikä osuus ole juuri kasvanut viimeiseen kahteenkymmeneen vuoteen?

Eikö tarjottava tuki...

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Tilaisuus on suunnattu erityisesti yritysneuvojille,

rahoittajille ja muille yrittäjyyden parissa toimiville.


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The gender-sensitive training concept has been one of the models and tools which have been created during the W-Power project aiming to help business...

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It will bring together female entrepreneurs and innovation and business support eco-system stakeholders from all regions associated with the W-Power...

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The W-Power -project looked for new business ideas to support female entrepreneurship. This autumn, the competition was organized regionally in North...

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MAHTAVA, lappilainen innovaatiokilpailu käynnistyy 28.8.2020. Kilpailun järjestää W-Power -hanke (Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in sparsely populated...

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En framgångsrik idé skiljer sig från mängden och ger mervärde jämförd med redan existerande produkter eller tjänster på marknaden.

Har du en...

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Do you have a completely new business idea or are you considering expanding your current business into international markets? Or have you come up with...

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Onko sinulla täysin uusi yritysidea tai pohditko nykyisen yritystoimintasi laajentamista kansainvälisille markkinoille? Tai oletko keksinyt...

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