W-Power Irish Thematic Online Seminar Week 23rd- 25th March 2021

Networking | Panel discussions | Workshops | B2B Matchmaking

W-Power Final Seminar Week 28th- 30th September 2021

Final Seminar in Joensuu followed by coctail- and networking event by Bisnesleidit.

Photos from North Karelia 2020

Photos from Lapland, Finland during the project

W-Power International networking meeting Jokkmokk, Sweden 2019

W-Power International networking meeting in Scotland 2019

Photos from W-Power Kick-off in Rovaniemi, Lapland 2018


The W-Power podcasts are suitable for listening all over the world and we hope to reach women, business advisors, development companies and educational institutions with a particular interest in entrepreneurship. Podcast seasons 1-2 feature women entrepreneurs who have overcome the challenges of their remote location to create successful small businesses. All of those interviewed have received support in one way or another from W-Power project.

Listen to the W-Power Podcast Season 1 &  2 episodes 

Season 1 and 2 features amazing women who have overcome the challenges posed by their remote geography to set up thriving small businesses. All of them have received support of one kind or another from W-Power. These podcasts are created to share the stories of business women from across the Arctic rim and hear from them about growing and running businesses in some of the most remote regions of northern Europe

The third podcast season of four episodes "The Success Stories from W-Power -project", features women entrepreneurs from Finland, Sweden, Shetland and Scotland. In addition, project partners share their experiences of experiments carried out during the project, such as peer mentoring, gender-sensitive business coaching, and organizing business idea competitions for women.

Listen to the episodes of the Season 3.

Season 2 and 3 episodes in accessible text files