W-Power Inspiring Women in Business Season 2


Welcome to the W-Power Podcast! Created to share the stories of business women from across the Arctic rim and hear from them about growing and running businesses in some of the most remote regions of northern Europe. Our series will feature amazing women who have overcome the challenges posed by their remote geography to set up thriving small businesses. All of them have received support of one kind or another from W-Power

Episode 1

The guest in the first episode is Cheryl Jamieson, artist at Glansin Glass. Cheryl was born and bred on Shetland and her fused glass products reflect the environment she lives in, which as she describes is stunningly beautiful, and also has a rich heritage, archaeology and geology. Cheryl’s pieces reflect this and the sea around Shetland.

Episode 2

The guest in the second episode is Kate Suopajärvi, founder at Arctic Cherry. Kate is a fashion designer and model based in Finish Lapland. Kate first started in 2016 as a freelance model to show that plus size women can be equal in the fashion business too. Kate has had a career in the theatre and beauty industry and this year she has launched her own fashion brand Arctic Cherry Designs.

Episode 3

The guest in the third episode is Marianne Hoppu, founder at Narskuttelu Oy based in Kitee, Finland. Marianne has a background in Engineering and has lived in Kitee for over 10 years, before that spending time in the USA. She is now the manager of the family business Narskuttelu Oy which manufactures Xylitol nature’s own sweetener, which tastes like normal sugar but has much lower glycemic index. The main market for the products is surrounding Nordic countries and exporting to central Europe.

Episode 4

The guest in the fourth episode is Aveline O'Sullivan, founder of Bloom in a Box. Her aim is to make ordinary moments feel extraordinary and has come up with a plan to reinvent the gifting of flowers, whilst also solving a nationwide flower delivery problem in Ireland. Her aim is for everyone to share a special moment in time through the gift of flowers. 

Episode 5

The guest in the fifth episode is Lyne Chantal Boudreau, a social entrepreneur and founder of Bibilyn Designs. Founded through Lyne’s passion for international fashion and creating bespoke dresses she wants to restore women and children’s confidence who have been affected by violence by donating a percentage of her profits to projects aimed at curbing violence and social injustices among women and children..

Episode 6

On this final, sixth episode, the guest is Anna Kuhmunen, owner of Silba Siida. Anna and her partner Erik are a young indigenous Sami couple and created an experience where guests enjoy real Sami hospitality, from food to stories around the fireplace. They live the traditional lifestyle based on reindeer herding and love to share this with visitors.



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